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  • Oil Tank Instalations

    At AIM Tank we have been safely installing fuel oil tanks for over 50 years. We work with you to make sure that your fuel storage is safe, environmentally secure and hassle free. Read More

  • Environmental Clean-Up

    Soil remediation is the collective term for various strategies that are used to purify and revitalize soil. This process of soil cleanup is part of a broader effort known as environmental remediation. Read More

  • Vacuum Truck Services

    Vacuum Trucks are the workhorses of the environmental emergency response, industrial services and waste transportation and disposal industry. Read More

  • Oil Tank Removals

    Tank removal services for underground storage tanks (UST), above storage tanks (AST), fuel and heating oil tanks, and gas station tanks. Read More

About AIM Tank

AIM TANK SERVICES in Wayne, New Jersey, is a third generation company that originally started out as a fuel merchant company, but in the 1990’s we sold that portion of our business to focus on oil and gas tank removals and installations for residential and commercial clients. We now offer a range of services including oil tank pump outs, emergency spill cleanups, oil tank removals, oil tank installations, and site remediation. From Soil and Ground water assessment to temporary tank setup, we have the experience required to make environmentally sound decisions within our field.

Services Include:

– Assessments/Environmental Audits
– State Environmental Reporting
– Sub-Surface Evaluation
– Soil and Groundwater Assessment
– Tank Cleaning & Removal
– Tank Installations
– Drummed Waste Sampling & Disposal
– 24 Hour Vacuum Truck Service
– Transportation of Hazardous Materials
– 24-Hour Emergency Response
– Hazardous Waste Clean-Ups
– Environmental Clean-Up

Experienced Team: AIM TANK SERVICES has been involved in the environmental industry for more than 25 years. We continually work to solve the environmental concerns that surround us. You can be assured that our professionally trained staff of design professionals, OSHA trained personnel, and environmental management professionals are qualified to provide both the commercial and the residential sector with turnkey solutions to environmental concerns. 


AIM TANK is an Approved Proguard Contractor

Our Clients
Complete customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities. This is precisely why we’re willing to provide so many added benefits as we aim to make our clients’ lives as convenient as possible.

We Carry Complete Insurance, Including:

• Pollution Liability Insurance ($2,000,000) • Comprehensive General Liability ($1,000,000) • Automobile Liability Insurance ($1,000,000)


We are certified with the state of New Jersey as well as the Department of Environmental Protection to remove or abandon underground oil tanks. We are a “turnkey” operation. Our crews have removed tanks as small as 275 gallons and as large as 20,000 gallon tanks. Depending on the size of the job, we strive to have the paperwork and labor completed within 4-6 weeks from your first point of contact. If you choose Aim Tank Services as your contractor, we will apply for all the necessary permits with the appropriate municipalities, obtain utility markouts, set inspection with the local municipality and schedule to have a representative from your tank insurance company on site (If applicable).

On the day of the job, we will excavate to the top of the tank with a machine or by hand depending on the accessibility of the tank. Once the tank is exposed our crew will cut open the tank and begin cleaning it out. Using our Vacuum truck one of the crew members will vacuum out all residual liquid and sludge remaining in the tank. Once the tank is clean we will then complete the contracted job. For Abandonments we will simply fill the tank with gravel, sand or foam. Then weld the tank shut, and backfill to rough grade. For removals we will then pull the tank out of the ground then back fill the excavation to rough grade. Click here for a free estimate


OIL TANK INSTALLATIONS Click here for a free estimate

We are certified with the state of New Jersey to install above ground as well as underground storage tanks. If you choose Aim Tank Services as your contractor, we will apply for all the necessary permits with the appropriate municipalities, obtain utility markouts if needed, set inspection with the local municipality and schedule to have a representative from your tank insurance company on site (If applicable). Above ground tank installations can be done in as little as two weeks depending on the difficulty of the job. There are several options you can choose from when deciding on the size and type of tank you would like to have installed. First we will determine what tanks could fit in the area, then we will allow you to decide on the size and type of tank.

VACUUM TRUCK SERVICES Click here for a free estimate

In the event you are in need of vacuum truck services, we have the ability to pump out your oil tank. Whether you have water in the tank, or an excess of sludge build-up, we can pump out the unwanted liquid in your tank. Click here for a free estimate


SOIL REMEDIATIONS Click here for a free estimate

If your oil tank leaks into the ground Aim Tank Services is fully insured and registered to remediate the soils around the tank excavation area. In the event the oil tank has holes and has discharged oil into the soil, there are several steps that need to be taken once the oil tank has been removed.

  • When we remove the tank the machine operator will be able to determine how much soil needs to be removed.
  • They will also take a waste class sample from the excavation, that will be sent to the lab to determine the soil make up.
  • These results are a representative sample and exclusively used to get approval from the soil disposal facility to dispose of the contaminated soil at their facility.
  • If you decide to proceed with Aim Tank for your soil remediation. We will send the Waste class to the lab.
  • Once we get the results & approval we can schedule the job.
  • On the day of the job we will excavate and remove all contaminated soils which have been impacted by the discharging underground storage tank.
  • In accordance with NJDEP Technical Regulations, Aim Tank Services will collect soil samples from UST excavation.  Samples will be analyzed for EPH (Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbon)
  • We will then backfill the excavation with certified clean fill (Quarry Process) as required by the NJDEP.
  • Aim Tank Services shall prepare a Remedial Action Report (RAR) as required by the NJDEP.  The report shall include all field observations, soil sample results, waste receipts and manifests.  At that time Aim Tank Services will make their final recommendations based on sampling results.
  • Once the report is ready we will call you to come in the office to sign the report and issue a check for $400.00 payable to the Treasurer; State of New Jersey
  • We will provide you with two copies of the report. One of the reports will be mailed to the DEP and they will review and mail you and us a “NFA Letter” (No Further Action) The other is for your records.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express (Amex on transactions over $5,000).

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